The Grain, The Mandela effect and Blockchain

A few nights ago, I was having dinner with my family, and my teenage daughter started telling us a story about a customer at her job that was annoyed with her performance. During this story she let it slip that she rolled her eyes at the customer. Later when I asked her about that detail... Continue Reading →


Can we make the Grain, from Black Mirror, a reality?

On the most recent episode of Unsupervised Binge Watching, we entered Charlie Brooker’s brilliant world of Black Mirror. With so many themes, incredible technology, and real life implications to discuss, we could only dip our toes into what could potentially turn into a series of episodes, discussing what we can do today and what we’re... Continue Reading →

Talk to me, Watson.

While on a recent business trip, I was flipping channels in my hotel room, looking for something good to watch in the background. You know, when you need something that is entertaining enough to warrant being on, but no so distracting that you can’t get your work done. I came across the best double feature... Continue Reading →

Superstore and Super Chatbots

  I love love love the show Superstore! It’s a lighthearted look into life behind the scenes of a big box store like a Target or Walmart.  I’ll warn you though…If you’re hoping to watch to learn about retail, you have the wrong show. The show itself isn’t so much about the store and the... Continue Reading →

Watson’s Shoe Game

As we’ve established, I can no longer watch TV without seeing or considering the ways in which data science, artificial intelligence and/or plain old nerdy tech stuff could apply to make a situation better or more practical. Seriously, I can’t stop! I consider the kind of data a scenario would generate, or what data and/or... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things and Missing Children

What to say about Stranger Things?  Well… it’s a strange show.  To be honest, I watched this show purely out of peer pressure.  Once I started though, I finished in 2 days.   The interesting thing about Stranger Things is that I did devour it, there was a binge-worty quality to it, but I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Robots and AI and Neural Nets, oh my!

"R2D2! You know better than to trust a strange computer!" --- C3PO ------------------------------------------------------ We are living in the future my friends.  The future my childhood promised where artificial intelligence is a real thing and bots are being programmed into human-like bodies.  In case you missed it, check out the press conference with Sophia, the Saudi... Continue Reading →

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